60th Annual Bexar County Junior Livestock Show Auction




In sale order

By child’s last name

By club

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Curious what it costs each exhibitor to raise their projects? Click here!



Update 2/9/2023 at 8:30am

Exhibitor thank-you letters to their buyers and belt buckle sponsors are due February 21, 2023 between 6:30pm and 8pm at our office, 7701 FM 1346, San Antonio, TX. Each letter must be ready to be mailed with an addressed, stamped, and sealed envelope. If the letters are not turned in, a 10% penalty fee will be deducted from the exhibitor’s check. If the letters are not received by March 1, 2023, the exhibitor’s sale will be voided and they will not receive any money. Letters will be checked against each exhibitor’s buyer & buckle list. ASTs, club managers, and parents may drop off letters for exhibitors. 


Update 1/23/2023 at 12:20pm

The initial buyer invoices are now closed. We will be sending the invoices to buyers and the buyer address lists to exhibitors to write thank-you notes. 

Add-ons are open! Buyers can make on-line add-ons or paper add-ons. At this time, all on-line add-ons must be paid immediately. On-line add-ons have additional processing fees. Avoid the fees by completing a paper add-on sheet and mailing back with payment. Paper add-ons must be returned with full payment made to “BCJLS”.  


Update 1/18/2023 at 12am

It is a record! We have crossed $600,000 AND every child received enough bids and add-ons to walk away with at least $500!! Thank you buyers! 

We completed another review Friday night, 1/13/2023. We have responded to emails sent to entries@BCJLS.com. If you have questions about the auction, please send them to entries@BCJLS.com

Buyers, we will send invoices after 1/21/2023. To avoid credit card, PayPal, and/or online processing fees, please mail a check to:

PO Box 1193
Adkins TX 78101

Add-on information is in the 1/8/2023 update below. 


Update 1/11/2023 at 10:00pm

We have finished the bid audit! Buyers, you set a record! Right now we are at $568,016.09. Thank you!!

Buyers and exhibitors, you may check your totals on the ShoWorks Auction page


Buyers, please include your buyer name and number if you know it.

Exhibitors, please include your name and lot number.

WE WILL NOT BE RESPONDING TO FACEBOOK posts or Facebook messages with concerns. We will go through the emails and respond. These corrections may take longer depending on how many we receive. Sending multiple emails about the same concern will not speed up the answer.


Update 1/10/2023 at 11:45pm

We’re more than half way through the bid audit. It looks like we have set a new auction record and it is still climbing! Buyers are still making bids and add-on! Thank you buyers! 

ShoWorks data entry is lagging behind the bid entries so the totals on ShoWorks are not finished. Entries that changed today may change again.

We will meet again tomorrow night (Wednesday, 1/11/2023) to continue the process. We will address questions and concerns once we announce we are finished.


Update 1/8/2023 at 1:00pm

What a great 2023 BCJLS Auction of Champions! Thank you to the buyers! Thank you to the exhibitors and families who have also thanked the buyers. Your continued grateful attitude towards the buyers brings the buyers back year after year.

Several buyers have reached out to let us know they still want to make add-ons and are concerned their bids have not all been listed on ShoWorks.

On-line add-ons are open again at the link above. Opening for add-ons also opened bids. We highly encourage buyers to use the add-on option now because you can adjust and correct your own add-ons before you check-out. We will continue to take add-ons until 11:59pm on February 28, 2023.

The team is meeting Tuesday night, January 10, 2023 to go through our paper records and verify the bids for the kids. If we don’t finish Tuesday we will have another meeting. We will reconcile the bids and post updates. 

For the next two weeks, ShoWorks will allow buyers make new add-ons as part of their current tab. We will close all tabs at 11:59pm on January 21, 2023 to begin billing and processing lists for the kid’s thank-you notes. On-line add-ons from January 22, 2023 through February 28, 2023 must be paid at the time they are made.

Buyers can make paper add-ons from now until February 28, 2023. Paper add-ons should be sent to our PO Box with payment. Paper add-ons without payment will not be accepted.

The paper add-on form is HERE


Mail paper add-on forms here:

Attn: Add-On
PO Box 1193
Adkins TX 78101



Auction Statistics


ASTA FFA – 77 lots

Burbank FFA – 9 lots

Cornerstone Christian 4-H – 2 lots

East Central FFA – 62 lots

Helotes 4-H LSO – 19 lots

Helotes 4-H LSP – 19 lots

Helotes 4-H Unlimited – 20 lots

Kirby 4-H – 5 lots

Madison FFA – 52 lots

San Antonio Christian School 4-H – 8 lots

Southside FFA – 25 lots

Southwest FFA – 37 lots

Southwest Rough Riders 4-H – 1 lot

St. Hedwig 4-H – 13 lots

United 4-H Horse Club – 1 lot